Nous Infosystems Inc. - Healthcare Analytics Dashboards

Healthcare dashboards by Nous Infosystems, a Microsoft managed gold certified partner, provides clarity and insight into the sales and operations of a healthcare provider facility through interactive dashboards on Power BI. These dashboards can be used as-is or customized to suit requirements.

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The following Power BI solution provides visualization on key data indicators that help in analyzing the overall hospital performance.


Highlights of the solution include - 

        - Patient demographics analysis by Department, Wards, and Patient Type. 

        - Insight into the patient data against various attributes like Age Range, Patient Type, Diagnosis Services, and more. The                   visualizations provide diverse analyses by the Patients who availed services in a defined hospital facility with a specific                   diagnosis.

        - Revenue analysis by period, services, age-range, and department that provides target vs actual analysis.

        - Running ticker object that shows revenue generated by individual doctors along with an indicator that compares past                   performance. 

        - Bed occupancy analysis for Avg LOS (Length of Stay) across departments and by diagnosis.

        - Scatter plot that shows the Revenue and Patients inflow by physician, this object helps in analyzing the physician who                     has seen the maximum number of patients and also the revenue-generating.    


To help evaluate and adopt Power BI, Nous has also developed a two-week proof of concept where we deliver, 

        - Two compelling dashboards for selected use cases 

        - Power BI implementation Roadmap

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