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TEC Path Consulting Ltd.

TEC Path is a Microsoft Partner for Power BI, offering cloud and on-premise Business Intelligence solutions. We empower organizations taking well-informed decisions with help of real-time data analysis and visualizations. 

We specialize in building interactive KPIs, compliance reporting and dashboards as per client needs and presenting out-of-policy or exceptional events based on well-defined parameters, cost of program, geographical map view, period comparisons and  more.  We cannot only help by using readily available features of Power BI,  but can meet client's requirements using our out of box solution approach.

Some of the common user-friendly features you will find are:

  • Drill down from top to bottom based on defined hierarchy
  • Bookmarking, to present data insights in a variety of charts using buttons & images
  • Filtering by Business Units, Country, Period, Cost Centre Managers or anything else
  • Building Roles to assign access to various individuals only for their data
  • Your organization colour themes in your reports


We appreciate that you may have complex & fragmented systems for data due to variety of reasons including legacy systems, regional suppliers, business autonomy or anything else,  but we can help consolidating all of that and showcase an holistic view. We also offer ongoing managed services if you prefer a hands-off experience for your data needs.

Feel free to connect for any questions or a casual chat before shortlisting us for your digital transformation journey.  We at TEC Path constantly endeavour to exceed client's expectations and strive to be one of your most flexible partners.

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