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Headshot of article author Dinesh Kumar C O

We are excited to announce that XMLA endpoints on Premium Per User (PPU) now support Azure Active Directory (AAD) authentication with service principals. This authentication option enables administrative applications to perform automated maintenance tasks and unattended service-level operations by using their own app identities, which is often a requirement for migration of existing tabular data models from Azure Analysis Services and SQL Server Analysis Services to Power BI Premium. For technical details, see the article Automate Premium workspace and dataset tasks with service principals in the product documentation.

Service principal authentication on PPU makes it easier for small and medium businesses and workgroups within large organizations to migrate their existing tabular BI solutions. It is no longer necessary to purchase a full Power BI Premium capacity if you need to perform automated maintenance tasks and other unattended operations by using a dedicated application identity. Your administrative tools and scripts can now perform these tasks on PPU without requiring an interactive user account. Service principal authentication on PPU is only allowed automation scenarios; it is not allowed for end-user reporting scenarios on PPU as these still require interactive user account authentication. PPU is a low-cost option to get access to Premium capabilities on the Gen2 platform. It is now easier than ever to migrate your models and unlock the full feature richness of Power BI in your data analysis solutions.